Soak Off Gel Polish

The SNA Flawless Foundation Clear Soak Off Gel is the ideal product and foundation for creating strong and beautiful nails. Our soak off gel polish is extremely easy to work with, making it a mainstay in many beauty salons across the UK.

You can apply our soak off polish with a brush and cure it under an LED/UV lamp to dry the gel in a few minutes, before adding another layer. Soft gel nails are a great way to correct nail imperfections, and their fanbase is growing due to their many benefits.

The soak off gel is hugely convenient, and you or your client can remove the gel with a simple soak in acetone. The removal process is not damaging, doesn't hurt, and does not require extensive filing.

High quality soak off polish

Our soak off polish is lightweight and flexible in comparison to hard gel enhancements. They will last for between two to three weeks without chipping. It is a perfect option for those who might want to change their nails' colour because the look can be transformed quickly using traditional nail polish.

Our soak off gel is also great for touch-ups and maintenance if required. You can use the polish to fill the space between the original layer of gel and the finger, as the nail grows. You can promote this service to your salon regulars as a way always to have nail perfection.

Order your soak off gel, and LED lamp if you do not have one in your salon, today from SNA Professional. Please contact our friendly team if you need advice or further assistance.