Eyelash extension preparation

SNA Professional provides the eyelash products beauty technicians need for their lash prep. The Jacky M. range consists of all of the pre lash extension prep items you will need in the process of making your client’s eyelashes stand out.  

With the Jacky M. system, you can curl natural eyelashes without the need for an eyelash curler or eyelash extensions. Eyelashes hold their curl for six to eight weeks, and the preparation will not damage natural eyelashes. 

For step one of the process, you will use the Eye Make-up Remover Foam to remove make-up of all types gently. The remover foam works effectively with washable mascara. The eye make-up remover is explicitly designed to lift make-up from this delicate area of the eye gently. The application is entirely painless and hence, suitable for people with sensitive eyes and of all skin types. 

For step two, you will need to use the Cleaning Eye Care Lotion. The cleaning eye care lotion removes trace amounts of make-up and impurities. The lotion removes greasy residue and skin oil that may be left on the eyelashes. This is an essential step that guarantees excellent adhesion.

Preparing for eyelash extension

Professional beauty technicians know that it is crucial to remember to sanitise their hands prior to beginning any treatment process. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hand gel is an excellent choice for carrying out these tasks, and it softens your hands without the need for harsh soaps and water. 

The Jacky M. range includes the Special Foam Brush that is used with the Eye Make-up Remover Foam. The unique foam brush does not cause damage to the eyelashes, thanks to its individual soft hairs. 

SNA Professional is pleased to offer all of the professional-grade products you need for your eyelash extension preparation.

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