Nail extension courses & nail art training

SNA Professional offers a complete series of nail courses for those who wish to or already work in the beauty industry. Our accredited nail technician courses will introduce essential techniques for those entering the sector, whereas those who enroll in an advanced nail technician course will master new skills, opening up new opportunities and revenues for their business.

 Our nail extension courses and manicure courses include:

  • Beginner nail courses
  • Advanced nail training
  • Full Cover Gel Extensions nail system training classes

Nail courses for beginners

Our beginner acrylic nail training course is available in a class setting or as one-on-one tuition. You can join our gel polish class, our hard gel nail extension course, or gain an insight into what’s hot right now, with our on-trend nails and lashes package.

Advanced nail technician training

Our nail tech course for nail technicians that are already trained includes comprehensive courses that delve into advanced skills and specialist products. You can join our skill-building classes for acrylic conversion and hard gel conversion or go all out for personal attention in a one-on-one skill-building session.

We have nail courses that focus on acrylic, hard gel, and gel polish art, as well as stamping design. Our Full Cover Gel Extensions, E-file, and acrylic sculpting workshops are also ideal for advanced nail technicians.

Fiber gel nail training courses

Many nail technicians wish to work with the specially formulated QUICK TIPS. There are many advantages to working with these products because they are easy to apply, there is no dust, low odour, and for the client, there is no damage to the natural nail and adhesion that last for three weeks or more.

It is fast and easy to learn how to work with the QUICK TIPS nail system, and we take you through the steps so that your clients experience no lifting. You can master the system in one to three months, and the result is the skill to finish ten-finger extensions in less time.

Contact SNA Professional today to enroll in nail courses that will open new opportunities and business for you.