I.Am Acrylic Powders are special formulated powders with controlled sculpture. I.Am Acrylic Powders provide outstanding color stability, a perfect balance of rigidity and toughness holding the enhancement in proper

form. The surface may be brought to a high shine without dulling or scratching.

The I.Am Monomer/Polymer combination allows the nail professional to sculpt with ease using one or multiple

beads depending on the length of the enhancement. For natural nail overlays, overlay with tip application, and sculpting over an I.Am sculpting form.

Available in 8 core colors.

Available in: 25gr, 100gr, 250gr


  • Controlled sculpture
  • Outstanding color stability
  • Ultimate strength and durability
  • No lifting and bubbles
  • Superior adhesion
  • Available in 8 core colors


Combine I.Am Acrylic Powders with I.Am Monomer to create beautiful strong nails. Application time may vary depending on climate conditions. Extremely hot weather may cause the product to setup faster, or extremely cold weather conditions may cause the product to set up slower. Recommended mix ratio: 1½ parts liquid and 1 part powder. It may be necessary to slightly adjust your Monomer-Polymer ratio to the climate conditions, however this will not affect the strength or durability of the nail due to the plasticizers.

1.Follow the steps for preparing the natural nail.

2.Apply a thin layer of I.Am Air Dry Bonder on the natural nails and let it dry for about 30 seconds (no UV light is used). The product will remain slightly sticky.

3.Insert your I.Am Acrylic Application Brush into the I.Am Monomer. Wipe off the excess monomer depending on the size of bead you wish to use.

4.Insert your I.Am Acrylic Application Brush into the I.Am Acrylic Powder of your choice.

5.Place the first bead of acrylic on the free edge. Using the tip of your brush, gently bring (press) the sides of the bead to each side of the free edge. Keep brush half wet to keep product workable. Gently blend the product onto the natural nail.

6.Place a second bead on the center of the natural nail plate. Guide the product from left to right (left and right Lateral Sidewalls of the natural nail). Blend the product towards the cuticle. Tuck the lateral edges of the nail well with the acrylic and form a thin clean edge, without touching the skin. The remaining acrylic should be spread gently over the free edge.

7.Apply a third bead at the cuticle. Leave a small space around the cuticle. Never touch the surrounding skin with acrylic! A thin layer in this area provides a natural, good-looking and long-lasting nail extension. Air fringes are prevented by pressing the acrylic well and a gradual thin transition to the natural nail at the cuticle.

8.Follow the filing technique steps to file the nails into shape if needed.

9.Follow the steps for applying I.Am Soak Off Top Gel.