Fiber Gels are characterized by their fiberglass fibers in the gel which result in an exceptional optimal adhesion even on problematic nails. 

Due to the self-levelling feature, nail techs are able to create the perfect thin nail in just one layer. 

The nails will be easy to file with just little dust. Customers will hardly feel any heat during curing. 

After curing, the fibers transform invisibly into transparent, the clarity you expect from a gel. 

The clarity of a gel in combination with the workability of acrylics and the strength of fiberglass, makes Fiber Gels so popular among nail techs.

Fiber Gels so popular among nail techs.


  • Extremely strong
  • Ideal to create thin nails
  • Clarity of a traditional gel
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Self-modelling
  • No heat generation during curing Medium viscosity
  • No yellowing
  • Easy to file
  • High shine
  • Nanometer Range: 365nm - 405nm
  • UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec - LED: 30 sec